Freestar Publisher Support

How do I use the Reports tab?

In the custom report, you have the ability to pull by various metrics against different dimensions.


Name: Used when saving reports

Date Range: Yesterday, Today (Estimated), Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last Month, This Month, Custom

Revenue: Displays Net Revenue
RPM: Revenue per thousand impressions
Page RPM: Revenue per thousand by URL
Impressions: For Reported impressions
Pageviews: For reported page views
Visits: For reported visits

Filters: Used to curate the data to your specifications



Ad Unit: To break reporting out by ad unit
Country Code: To break out by Country
Date: To break out by Date
Demand Source: Breaks reporting out by Demand Source, this can be either:

  • Direct – PMP deals or deals Freestar sells on your behalf.
  • Network – All programmatic ads
  • Trafficked – Any deals sold by the publisher and sent to Freestar to traffic.

Device: Broken out by device type
Network: To break out reporting by Bidders including Appnexus, OpenX and Index Exchange. DFP indicates that the metrics are related to a trafficked or direct sold line item.
Referrer: To break out by Referrer
Site: For pubs running multiple sites
URL: For reporting by site URL
UTM Campaign: For GA (Google Analytics) tracking by campaign
UTM Content: For GA (Google Analytics) tracking by content
UTM Medium: For GA (Google Analytics) tracking by medium
UTM Source: For GA (Google Analytics) tracking by source
UTM Term: For GA (Google Analytics) tracking by term

Saving Reports


Buttons at the bottom to Run, Run and Save as well as just save a custom “My Report” report.