How Accurate are the Dashboard Numbers?

Insight on how the Dashboard's numbers are estimated and updated.

Our dashboard is updated as soon as we receive the reported revenue from our demand sources (i.e. OpenX, Rubicon, IndexExchange, etc.). Generally, the numbers from our network partners is received no later than 12pm PT the following day, assuming no delays.

When you are looking at the dashboard, reporting for “Today” will not be estimated until we receive the full day numbers from the demand partners. At month-end, we receive a final full month report from each demand partner. This report is what each demand partner pays on and is what Freestar uses to calculate your revenue. Though this report is usually similar to the ongoing monthly reporting, there is a chance that some numbers may be slightly different than what you see in the dashboard. If the revenue seen in the dashboard is greater than a 15% discrepancy to your revenue payment, please reach out to for further support/clarification. 

The dashboard numbers are the most accurate display of revenue. Since we update the dashboard with data directly from demand sources, reports generated in Google Ad Manager would not be as accurate.