Which display ads do you support?

Freestar supports the following IAB standard sizes, based on your site layout. IAB Display Specs here.

  • 300×250 - Also known as a Medium Rectangle. This is the most popular size amongst advertisers, which is why we recommend running this size on all devices.
  • 160×600 - Also known as a Wide Skyscraper. This unit is commonly used along sidebars of webpages.
  • 728×90 - Also known as a Leaderboard. This is the most common horizontal size, and the most popular size overall after the 300×250 size. Can also be used with tablet-optimized pages.
  • 970×90 - Sometimes referred to as a Large Leaderboard. This size is ideal to showcase high-definition content such as videos, photos, animations, and applications.
  • 970×250 - Also known as a Billboard. This size is part of the IAB’s Rising Stars Ad Units, and is in high demand in Private Marketplace (PMP) deals.
  • 320×50 - Also known as the Mobile Leaderboard. This format is a mobile-optimized banner. These ads fill the width of a smartphone screen.
  • 300×600 - Sometimes referred to as a Half Page, or Filmstrip. This size is part of the IAB’s Rising Stars Ad Units, and this format provides a larger space for user engagement.