We love Freestar! Do you have a referral program?

Yes! Once the referred publisher is live with Freestar, you’ll receive a monthly commission equal to 10% of the net revenue Freestar makes from that publisher.


I heard Freestar has a referral program, where can I learn more?

I have a publisher whom I wanted to refer to Freestar, who should I contact?

  • Please reach out to your Account Manager to share your referral with Freestar. From here, your Account Manager will loop in a member of our Business Development team to review and see if the referred publisher would be a good fit. 

What details should I include in my referral email to my Account Manager?

  • The referring site.
  • The publisher’s best contact info (email, phone, etc.)
      • If preferred, you can also copy the publisher for a direct introduction.
  • If possible, referring site scale (pageviews, monthly uniques, etc.)

I’ve referred a publisher to Freestar, what’s next?

  • After a publisher has been signed on, they will sign a “Referral Contract” which will outline the terms of the partnership. 

I’ve signed a Referral Contract, when do I receive my payout?

  • We payout on a Net 60 day term. 
  • The Net 60 term begins the day the referred site goes live. 

How long does my referral last?

  • Referral payments are paid out for the first 12 months the site is active.

I have a question about my referral, who should I contact?

  • Please reach out to accounting@freestar.io should you have any questions regarding the details of your contact.