How can I A/B test Freestar against my current ad stack?

A/B testing is a common request from publishers. The reasons are varied, but it’s typically seen as a way to test who performs best, or which slots are the most profitable. Freestar is not an ad network, but rather a service provider that helps run advertising on your website in an efficient way. Our tags consist of a custom setup using DFP as an ad server and running an auction with Prebid.js.
A/B Testing Guidelines

  • Rule of Thumb: One DFP account per page.
    • Running multiple instances of DFP can cause many issues with Freestar tags.
    • Avoid these issues by only running our tags in the test session.
  • Avoid testing on just one section of the site.
    • Isolating a section for testing doesn’t give the ad networks enough information about the site users and limits the amount of exposure they get.
  • Split your traffic by user sessions.
    • When deciding how to split the pages up to test against another set of tags, make sure to set it up to run Freestar tags through an entire user session.
    • Doing this allows the ad networks to find consistent cookie data and help improve the performance of the ads.
  • Ensure there is enough volume dedicated to Freestar tags.
    • We work with many different ad networks, and all of them need time and impressions to start ramping up spend.