How does your ad serving work?

The initial page load loads Pubfig.js which is Freestar’s Javascript API that handles ad serving. We build Pubfig.js with several components that are based on Google’s Publisher Tag (GPT) along with Prebid.js, which is another custom ad functionality.  Along with those 2 major components, there are several other optimal ad components to our Pubfig.js file. All of these components are loaded asynchronously within the Pubfig.js file once you add that file to the header of your site.

In the header of the page, we provide code that allows you to customize what ads you want to call on the page during the initial page load. The ads you define in the header need to match the tags you place in the body. The reason for this is because we send all of the ads that are going to be on the page in one request over to DFP, so we can load ads efficiently. Since you may call different ads on different templates on your website, you can use conditional formatting with Javascript/PHP (varying languages) to decide which ads you want to call on which pages.

If you personally are not familiar with how to write code, please consult your web developer.

If you are going to load ads after the initial page load, then we can provide a custom method that will render ads on the page. Some common use case for this would be infinite scroll, slideshows, pop-up modal, or single page applications.

Please reach out to your account manager for the supplemental instructions on how to render ads using any method (s).