What is ad refresh?

Ad Refresh is a product that we turn on by default and it refreshes ads every 30 seconds. We analyze where the ad is on the page and will only count down the refresh timer when the ad is at least 50% in-view and the browser tab is active. This ensures that we don’t refresh ads that aren’t in view or moves away from your site. This helps overall viewability and helps keep CPMs and revenue higher.

While our ad refresh is built in, we do offer the ability to refresh ads on your own event-based criteria. An example of the type of refresh that lives outside of this standard would be on slideshows, where a refresh happens after every X amount of images. Note that you can turn off ad refreshes at the site level and ad tag level.

Whether you are using our standard ad calls or some of the custom variations found in other subsections of technology, you can rest assured we have a team of the most talented engineers ready to get you set up to maximize the monetization on your sites.