How do you handle Direct Sales?

We do have the ability to set up direct campaigns that you have sold, though we currently do not sell direct campaigns for our publishers. Freestar charges a fee of $25 per line item. If you have a direct campaign you would like us to set up, please email and CC your Account Manager with the following details:

  • Site campaign will be running on
  • Campaign Name
  • Campaign Flight Dates
  • Copy of the IO
  • Creatives/Images 
    • Tracking URLs, if applicable 

Please ensure these details are contained in the IO: 

  • CPM and Impression amount per Ad Size
  • Geo-Targeting, if applicable
  • Frequency Cap, if applicable 
  • Device Targeting, if applicable 

To ensure the campaign is set up properly by the campaign go live date, we ask that you send over the campaign details at least 2 days prior to the launch.