What is a Programmatic Ad Agency?

An ad agency that has a designated division and/or a set of employees within an account team dedicated to only transact programmatically.

What is a Brand that buys programmatic in-house?

An advertiser who has decided instead of relying on an ad agency to execute its programmatic media buys, to have their own designated division and/or a set of employees within the company dedicated to only transact programmatically.

Demand buyer/partner

Programmatic traders/teams and Heads/Leads of Programmatic at Agencies.

Programmatic marketing professionals + Heads of Programmatic at Brand Direct Advertisers that execute their buying in-house (i.e. Netflix, Target, Williams Sonoma, etc.).

Why Programmatic Ad Agencies and Brands find our ad inventory solutions interesting

We offer our advertisers site-specific and content channel Display (Skins + IAB Rising Star Units), and Video ad inventory placements. Programmatic Ad Agencies and Brands also require transacting programmatically via proprietary SSP pipes or via 3rd party exchanges DSPs (which Freestar has). They utilize their DSP to transact via Programmatic Open Exchange (Publisher Curated Whitelists) or Programmatic Private Marketplaces (PMPs).

How we develop new business for you

We socialize your content and inventory through regular in-person and email communication with programmatic teams at ad agencies and brands to ensure you are on the radar when relevant opportunities arise.

What success looks like

After we socialize your content to an advertiser and they buy into the value of your content, the advertiser/agency will often add you to their curated whitelist of targeted publishers which will immediately boost your programmatic open exchange revenue. If the advertiser sees enough value in your content they may then decide to evolve the buying relationship into a PMP.