What is an Agency Trading Desk (ATD)?

A programmatic buying organization within an agency holding company or a large independent agency. ATDs have the largest centralized programmatic budgets which they execute on behalf of their portfolio of advertisers.

Demand buyer/partner

Agency trading desk ad inventory/account/trading teams.

Why agency trading desks find our ad inventory solutions interesting

ATDs are moving in a direction of wanting to work only with companies that have unique publisher inventory, which we have given the nature of our working relationships with publishers.

ATDs also require transacting programmatically via proprietary SSP pipes with their DSPs (which Freestar has).

How we develop new business for you

We socialize your content and inventory through regular communication with agency trading desk ad inventory leadership and their programmatic account teams. This process ensures your inventory is always top of mind to be included on advertiser-specific open auction curated publisher whitelists and/or PMPs if they decide to transact in that manner.

What success looks like

New Fortune 1000 brands appearing within your advertising placements and your programmatic CPMs, fill, and net revenue increasing every month.