What is an Endemic Advertiser?

This is an advertiser whose brand is contextually relevant to the content on which they want to be associated with. An example would be Nikon wanting to have their advertisements alongside content within our Photography Content Channel of publishers.

Demand buyer/partner

Brand Direct Marketing Team + Agency Account Team + Programmatic Account Team.

Why endemic advertisers find our ad inventory solutions interesting

We offer our advertisers Display (Skins + IAB Rising Star Units) and Video ad inventory placements on branded endemic publishers within our content channels. We also are able to offer our advertisers versatile transacting options: IO (contract), Programmatic Open Exchange (Publisher Curated Whitelists), and Programmatic PMP (Private Marketplaces).

How we develop new business for you

Our Technical Account Managers and/or a member of the Demand Sales & Partnerships team works with each of our publishers to ensure they are as visible to media buyers’ via Quantcast and comScore. This helps us attract more premium inbound Request for Proposals (RFPs) for your site and Category. Whether they are sent directly to you or to us, we will then furnish your proposal, negotiate the media plan, and be your account management team for the length of the campaign. As a campaign comes to a close, we’ll also be advocating on your behalf to win a renewal. We also socialize your content and inventory through regular communication with endemic advertisers and their respective agency account teams to ensure you are on the radar when an opportunity arises.

What success looks like

After we socialize your content to an advertiser and they buy into the value of your content, the advertiser/agency will often add you to their curated whitelist of targeted publishers which will immediately boost your programmatic open exchange revenue. If the advertiser sees enough value in your content they may then decide to evolve the buying relationship into a PMP. For the smaller pool of advertisers who do not buy programmatically, we advocate for your brand to be included for the next RFP planning cycle and eventual media plans.