Which Revenue Channels do you support?

Freestar leverages several Revenue Channels to monetize your websites as best as possible.  Our goal is to customize your ad stack with a unique combination of ad products and technology that will fit your website(s) and company goals as well as create the highest ROI.

Advertising Stack Hierarchy

  • Demand Sales & Partnerships Channel
    • Traffic Freestar direct sold campaigns.
    • This section includes details of all direct demand partnerships.
  •  Open Auction Demand Channel
    • Open auction/marketplace includes our partners running through Prebid, AdX, Google EBDA, Amazon A9, and LKQD (for video).
    • Outlines Client-Side Bidders and Server-Side Bidders for display, video, native, and high impact.
    • Explains how an Open Auction works and how it differs from Private Marketplaces (PMPs).
  •  Publisher Sales Channel
    • Traffic campaigns for publishers.