How will Freestar help improve my revenue?

We understand this is an incredibly important topic - likely the main reason you chose Freestar. Our philosophy is to focus on increasing your inventory, but this doesn’t always mean vying for higher CPMs.

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Let's talk CPMs and revenue.

Some key places we look to put more money in your pocket:

- Improve your viewability

- Add better demand partners to our network

- Set more intelligent floors

- Get you private marketplace (PMP)* and direct deals.

What kind of CPMs should I expect?

If someone tells you they can predict your CPMs, please let me know so I can hire them. Things that we do know about your CPMs:

• CPMs will be their lowest right when you turn on with Freestar.

• CPMs always dip at the beginning of a month/quarter/year.

• CPMs will be their highest near the end of a month/quarter, at the second half of the year, especially in Q4, and around events endemic to your audience (i.e. a football site around the Super Bowl).

When can I expect increase revenue?

It seems like a cliché, but the biggest contributing factor is time and volume. It’s a marathon, not a race.

From the many conversations with trading desks and programmatic buyers we've had, they tell us the same thing: price floors that we set - then re-set - need time to have their impact felt. The more time that our demand partners - and our tech - have to see your site and its audience, the more data we collect around your site and audience.

First month: The highest level of revenue volatility

Second month: Normalization

Periodically, we’ll add new partners and networks who revenue levels tend to balance out within the first week or so.

Bottomline: Freestar isn't working with you to make a quick buck today; we're working with you to manage and exceed all of your revenue needs throughout the lifetime of this partnership.

Further Reading:

*Here's a PDF that explains private marketplaces (PMPs). They are a flavor of direct deals which still require some level of communication with buyers and sellers but doesn't require paperwork or ad code to change hands. Once the "pipes" are setup, buyers and sellers are able to transact.

**Here's a somewhat dated article that explains viewability. It goes over the major points; the main thing is that over 50% of the ad needs to be in view for over 1 second.

***Unique demand is a reference to partners who have their own demand sales teams, and direct advertising relationships. Rather than bringing on vendors who are just providing us with "more of the same," we focus on those vendors that can bring in relationships (and campaigns) that we can't get elsewhere.