What is AdBlock Recovery?

What is AdBlock Recovery?

An ad blocker is something users can enable so that ads do not display while they hop from one website to another. When ad-blockers are enabled it causes publishers to lose out on missed ad revenue potential. 

Adblock Recovery allows ads to appear to users that have an ad blocker turned on, which gives publishers the opportunity to continue to monetize these ad impressions. 

Which AdBlock Recovery does Freestar work with?

We’ve partnered with Blockthrough for Adblock recovery services. Blockthroughs platform identifies and targets users that are using an ad blocker, working to recover blocked revenue opportunities. 

When users visit your site with an ad blocker enabled, Blockthroughs technology will be triggered to scan for said ad blockers, once identified they'll serve an acceptable creative through the ad blocker. In addition to their technology on-page, they also offer an analytics solution where they report on your audience's Adblock adoption as well as new revenue you're supplementing - this means we can share with you your AdBlock rate if you're not currently working with a partner that scans for this. Latency will be kept minimal and they are compatible with every mainstream browser and platform.

What are the benefits of implementing Blockthrough on my site?

Publishers will have the opportunity to monetize ads that they wouldn’t have previously. As some users have an ad blocker enabled as they browse through your site, they would not be served ads, therefore, causing you to miss out on revenue. With Blockthrough enabled those ads will still be served and you can continue to monetize your site to its greatest potential.

How can I begin to use Blockthrough on my site?

We can enable Blockthrough on your site from our end at any time. If you wish to enable Blockthrough, please reach out to your Account Manager directly or pubops@freestar.io where one of our PubOps team members will be able to walk you through the next steps. 

Is it possible to disable Blockthrough once it is set live?

If you are unhappy with Blockthrough, we do have the ability to turn it off at any time on our end. If you wish to disable Blockthrough, please reach out to your Account Manager or pubops@freestar.io where one of our team members will be able to walk you through the next steps.