What is NPS?

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. Here at Freestar, the NPS score is one of two primary metrics of success, the other being performance. As we strive for world-class customer service, the NPS is how we measure customer satisfaction. We want to ensure that your experience with us at Freestar is exceeding your expectations and this is how we do it. It's a 1-question survey, that takes no more than a few seconds, and is asked every month. 

NPS is split up into three tiers: 

  1. Promoters (9 - 10)
  2. Passives (7 - 8)
  3. Detractors (0 - 6). 

Based on the responses we receive each month, we get one score that is calculated by taking the percentage of the Promoters and subtracting that from the percentage of the Detractors. Unlike most 1-10 scales, a 5 is not “average” as a 0 through 6 is considered a massive failure at Freestar. We truly believe anything below 10 is considered as an area for improvement.

There is also an option to include feedback when submitting a score. Every bit of feedback, positive or negative, is taken very seriously. There is always room for improvement and the comments you provide will help us to continue to provide & improve the world-class customer satisfaction we aim for.